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PBS HD Primetime

Tuesday, February 9th

Time Show
6:30 p.m.In the Americas With David Yetman
Fiestas and ancient rituals honor the Franciscan priests who journeyed to Cuetzalan 500 years ago.
7 p.m.PBS Newshour
8 p.m.Finding Your Roots : War Stories
Patricia Arquette, Julianne Moore and John McCain explore the military service of their families.
9 p.m.Perfect Crime: American Experience
In 1924, two college students murdered a boy to prove they were smart enough to get away with it.
10 p.m.Frontline : The Fantasy Sports Gamble
An investigation into fantasy sports and online sports betting traces the growth of the businesses.

World Primetime

Tuesday, February 9th

Time Show
7:30 p.m.Reel South : The Last Barn Dance
8 p.m.PBS Newshour
9 p.m.New Hampshire Primary, a PBS Newshour Special Repo
Live PBS NewsHour coverage of the New Hampshire Primary.
9:30 p.m.Dw News
10 p.m.America Reframed : American Arab
11:30 p.m.Reel South : The Last Barn Dance

UA Channel Primetime

Tuesday, February 9th

Time Show
7 p.m.Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
Once mostly Catholic,Hamtramck, Michigan now has a majority Muslim population.
7:30 p.m.Closer to Truth : Why Anything At All?
Why is there a world, a cosmos, something-instead of absolutely nothing at all?
8 p.m.Portrayal & Perception: African American Men & Boy: Pitch Perfect
Local African American entrepreneurs are finding success and inspiring future business leaders.
8:30 p.m.Portrayal & Perception: African American Men & Boy: Owning It
Three different examples of how to teach an African American boy to become a leader are showcased.
9 p.m.Dw News
9:30 p.m.Nightly Business Report
10 p.m.Newsline
10:30 p.m.McLaughlin Group

Vme Primetime

Tuesday, February 9th

Time Show
7 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Amazing Animals (V-Me)
Un viaje mágico a través del reino animal. Grabaciones únicas que capturan los momentos impresionantes en la vida de los animales. Esta serie explora los rasgos de comportamiento, hábitos y estilos de vida.
7:30 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Wonderful World (V-Me)
Esta serie le permitirá conocer todo acerca de los lugares más espectaculares de la Tierra, sus civilizaciones y culturas. Un Mundo Maravilloso es el entorno perfecto para quienes buscan emoción.
8 p.m.Grand Hotel (V-Me)
Julio llega al Gran Hotel, un lugar idílico en el medio de la campiña, para investigar la desaparición de su hermana. Allí consigue un trabajo como camarero y conoce Alicia, a la hermosa y rica hija de la dueña. Julio se enamora de ella y entablan una peligrosa relación. Conozca los secretos y misterios escondidos en el Gran Hotel.
9 p.m.Estelares Vme (Vme) : MENNEA - PT 2
Pietro Mennea fue una leyenda del mundo de los deportes, quien demostró su ética durante su larga trayectoria en el atletismo. Desde sus principios como deportista aprendió una enseñanza que nunca abandonó en su carrera: Puedes luchar contra tu enemigo pero competir con tu rival.
10 p.m.Comisario Rex (Vme) : Venganza
Si pensaba que los superhéroes sólo existen en forma humana, se equivoca. Rex es un perro que lucha contra el crimen con un equipo de detectives que incluye al inspector y fiel compañero Alex.

PBS Kids Primetime

Tuesday, February 9th

Time Show
7 p.m.Super Why! : Tom Thumb
The Super Readers meet Tom Thumb, a guy who knows what it feels like to be little...really little!
7:30 p.m.Cyberchase : A Whale Of A Tale
The kids must find an abducted cyberlady and stop her reprogrammed trick whale from it's rampage.
8 p.m.Maya & Miguel : The Cheery Chipper Cupid Sisters
Maya takes the latest fad too far when she becomes obsessed with a new girls action cartoon.
8:30 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : Dog Who Cried Woof/Doing The Right Thing
Cleo plays naughty tricks on Clifford and T-Bone after they get spooked from hearing a scary story.
9 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : Leaf Of Absence/Nobody's Perfect
Clifford jumps into T-Bone's leaf pile. Charley tries to learn a new sport called "Jiggly Juggle!."
9:30 p.m.Peg + Cat : The Tree Problem/Another Tree Problem
When Cat is stuck in a tree, Peg needs to figure out how to get him down using three giant gifts.
10 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : Incredible Journey/Bamboozled
With the help of the Subber-e-blubber, the kids follow salmon Samantha underwater and upriver!
10:30 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : Bounce/Timmy Tippy Toe
Dr. Twiggles shows Nick and Sally how rubber is made and all the wonderful things rubber can make!

Ready TV Primetime

Tuesday, February 9th

Time Show
7 p.m.Central Texas Gardener : Water-Saving Gardens
Grow gorgeous gardens with a lot less water and visit an urban contemporary makeover.
7:30 p.m.Hometime : The Last Episode
Join Dean and Miriam as they wrap up 29 years of programming with the last episode of "Hometime."
8 p.m.Nature : Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La
A family of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys living in the highest forests in the world are examined.
9 p.m.Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope : TAIWAN - IRON PATHWAYS TO ADVENTURE - PART 2
Joseph explores Taiwan's natural beauty, cultural richness, colorful history and creative spirit.
9:30 p.m.America's Heartland
An Illinois chef raising vegetables on the roof of his restaurant is visited.
10 p.m.Finding Your Roots : Visionaries
Business mogul Richard Branson and architects Maya Lin and Frank Gehry learn about their ancestors.

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