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PBS HD Primetime

Wednesday, September 2nd

Time Show
6:30 p.m.Desert Speaks : Royal Road To The Final Outpost
Visit Chamizal National Memorial and Hildago del Parral and its monument to Pancho Villa.
7 p.m.PBS Newshour : None
8 p.m.Big Blue Live : None
9 p.m.Nova : Bigger Than t.rex
A team of paleontologists reconstruct the terrifying dinosaur dubbed Spinosaurus, piece by piece.
10 p.m.Earth a New Wild : Oceans
Sanjayan meets scientists, engineers and fishermen working on solutions to help restore the oceans.

World Primetime

Wednesday, September 2nd

Time Show
7 p.m.Frontline : Putin's Way
8 p.m.PBS Newshour : None
9 p.m.Nightly Business Report : None
9:30 p.m.Dw News : None
10 p.m.Charlie Rose : None
11 p.m.Tavis Smiley : None
Singer-songwriter D'Angelo discusses his album "Black Messiah" (Part 1.)
11:30 p.m.Desert Speaks : Royal Road To The Final Outpost
Visit Chamizal National Memorial and Hildago del Parral and its monument to Pancho Villa.

UA Channel Primetime

Wednesday, September 2nd

Time Show
7 p.m.Healthy Body Healthy Mind : Mds: A Disease of Abnormal Blood Cells Levels
Leading experts in the study and treatment of MDS shed light on the science behind this disease.
7:30 p.m.Life on the Line : Armed For The Challenge
"One Arm Willie" Stewart is training for the physically challenged triathlon USA championships.
8 p.m.Growing Up Green
Explore a groundbreaking approach to changing environmental and educational outcomes in schools.
8:30 p.m.Knee Deep
A group of senior citizens work for the environmental health of the Delaware Valley's waterways.
9 p.m.Dw News : None
9:30 p.m.Nightly Business Report : None
10 p.m.Newsline : None
10:30 p.m.Arizona Week : None

Vme Primetime

Wednesday, September 2nd

Time Show
7 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Amazing Animals (V-Me) : Wild Moments Part 4
Un viaje mágico a través del reino animal. Grabaciones únicas que capturan los momentos impresionantes en la vida de los animales. Esta serie explora los rasgos de comportamiento, hábitos y estilos de vida.
7:30 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Wonderful World (V-Me)
Esta serie le permitirá conocer todo acerca de los lugares más espectaculares de la Tierra, sus civilizaciones y culturas. Un Mundo Maravilloso es el entorno perfecto para quienes buscan emoción.
8 p.m.Comisario Rex (Vme) : None
Si pensaba que los superhéroes sólo existen en forma humana, se equivoca. Rex es un perro que lucha contra el crimen con un equipo de detectives que incluye al inspector y fiel compañero Alex.
9 p.m.Estelares Vme (Vme) : OLOR a COLONIA - PT 3
El contable de una colonia textil muere en un extraño y devastador incendio. Su mujer, Teresa, junto a su madre y sus hijos, tendrá que ceder la casa al nuevo contable Climent. En el paso de la infancia a la adolescencia, los dos vivieron un amor que no han olvidado. Olor a colonia evoca la vida de una colonia textil del Llobregat en los años 50 y las envenenadas relaciones sociales, la combinación de despotismo y condescendencia, que rigen su vida. Un conjunto de historias personales y colectivas, relaciones de poder, amores y odios. Nacer, vivir, reproducirse y morir entre las paredes de una fábrica. Una fábrica que va más allá de los puestos de trabajo, que es también la escuela para los hijos, la iglesia, el economato y las casas para vivir.
10 p.m.Alarm for Cobra (Vme) : The Bride
Actúan en la carretera. Sus intervenciones son escalofriantes. Sus adversarios: traficantes, asesinos y chantajistas. No hay descanso para estos hombres cuando suena: Alerta Cobra. Nuestra seguridad está en sus manos.

PBS Kids Primetime

Wednesday, September 2nd

Time Show
7 p.m.Super Why! : Roxie's Missing Music Book
When a comic book goes missing the team jump into "Roxie's Missing Music Box" to solve the mystery.
7:30 p.m.Cyberchase : Designing Mr. Perfect
The kids design an invention to rescue Digit who has been turned in a Prince by the Wicked Witch.
8 p.m.Maya & Miguel : Miguel's Wonderful Life
After Miguel wishes he never had a sister, he wakes up to find it came true. Maya doesn't exist!
8:30 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : Another Fine Mess/King Mac
Emily's room is so messy that she can't find anything. Mac takes advantage of T-Bone's guilt.
9 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : Little Clifford/Welcome To Birdwell Island
Emily meets Clifford for the first time. Everyone in town is worried about Clifford's size.
9:30 p.m.Peg + Cat : The Mega Mall Problem/The Cleopatra Problem
Peg and Cat search the huge Mega Mall for the teens so they can enter the Zebra Guy dance contest.
10 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : Stripy Safari/Wool
Nick and Sally set off on a safari with The Cat in the Hat to find all kinds of stripes on animals.
10:30 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : Amazing Eyes/Water Walkers
Three different animals with very different ways of seeing help the kids find a missing guinea pig.

Ready TV Primetime

Wednesday, September 2nd

Time Show
7 p.m.For Your Home : Decorative Touches
Vicki selects crown moldings, cove ceilings, judges' paneling and hardwood flooring for her home.
7:30 p.m.Garden Smart : None
A garden that fell into disrepair, but with a lot of work has been revitalized, is visited.
8 p.m.Green Blues : None
Milt and Chris are a couple trying to build a sustainable, hand-crafted house with their savings.
9 p.m.Family Travel With Colleen Kelly : Los Angeles - Culture, History And Art
The Original Farmers Market, the Grove, the Getty Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits are highlighted.
9:30 p.m.Pedal America : Y'All Pedal And Eat Now! - Savannah, Georgia
Pedal around the city's architectural squares, the Wormsloe Historic Site and Bonaventure Cemetery.
10 p.m.In Their Own Words : Queen Elizabeth Ii
Queen Elizabeth's remarkable life, from her youth to her reign of more than 60 years, is explored.

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