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PBS HD Primetime

Wednesday, July 27th

Time Show
8 p.m.Wolf Hall on Masterpiece : Episode Four
Cromwell demands the nobility and church swear an oath acknowledging Anne as lawful Queen.
9:07 p.m.Wolf Hall on Masterpiece : Episode Five
With Anne pregnant again and away from court, Henry begins to take notice of Jane Seymour.

World Primetime

Wednesday, July 27th

Time Show
7 p.m.Frontline : Poor Kids
8 p.m.PBS Newshour
9 p.m.Nightly Business Report
9:30 p.m.Focus on Europe
After Turkey's failed coup, concerns are growing over the integrity of its democratic structures.
10 p.m.Charlie Rose
11 p.m.Tavis Smiley
11:30 p.m.In the Americas With David Yetman
The Wind River Range in western Wyoming is the state's largest mountain range.

UA Channel Primetime

Wednesday, July 27th

Time Show
7 p.m.In Good Shape
Dr. Klaus-Michael Braumann explains how exercise can actually prevent and help treat diseases.
7:30 p.m.Healthy Body Healthy Mind : Understanding Organ Donation & Transplantation
Leading researchers in the field highlight the importance of organ donation and transplantation.
8 p.m.Cactus Jack: Lone Star on Capitol Hill
The life of John Nance "Cactus Jack" Garner and his 38-year tenure on Capitol Hill are examined.
9 p.m.Dw News
9:30 p.m.Nightly Business Report
10 p.m.Newsline
10:30 p.m.Arizona Illustrated

Vme Primetime

Wednesday, July 27th

Time Show
7 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Amazing Animals (V-Me)
Un viaje mágico a través del reino animal. Grabaciones únicas que capturan los momentos impresionantes en la vida de los animales. Esta serie explora los rasgos de comportamiento, hábitos y estilos de vida.
7:30 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Wonderful World (V-Me)
Esta serie le permitirá conocer todo acerca de los lugares más espectaculares de la Tierra, sus civilizaciones y culturas. Un Mundo Maravilloso es el entorno perfecto para quienes buscan emoción.
8 p.m.Comisario Rex (Vme) : Noche en Blanco
Si pensaba que los superhéroes sólo existen en forma humana, se equivoca. Rex es un perro que lucha contra el crimen con un equipo de detectives que incluye al inspector y fiel compañero Alex.
9 p.m.Estelares Vme (Vme) : GIUSEPPE MOSCATI - PT 3
Giuseppe Moscati, "el santo doctor de Nápoles", fue un médico y laico de principios del siglo 20 que venía de una familia aristocrática y quien dedicó su carrera médica a servir a los pobres. También fue profesor de la escuela de medicina y un pionero en el campo de la bioquímica, cuya investigación condujo al descubrimiento de la insulina como cura para la diabetes. Moscati fue más allá del llamado del deber durante la epidemia de cólera de 1911 y ayudó a más de 3,000 soldados durante la Primera Guerra Mundial.
10 p.m.Alarm for Cobra (Vme)
Actúan en la carretera. Sus intervenciones son escalofriantes. Sus adversarios: traficantes, asesinos y chantajistas. No hay descanso para estos hombres cuando suena: Alerta Cobra. Nuestra seguridad está en sus manos.

PBS Kids Primetime

Wednesday, July 27th

Time Show
7 p.m.Super Why! : The Boy Who Cried Wolf
When Baby Joys says her first words Whyatt is the only one to hear her, but no one believes him.
7:30 p.m.Cyberchase : Clock Like An Egyptian
The kids must measure the passage of time and find Dr. Marbles in a pyramid guarded by a Mummy.
8 p.m.Maya & Miguel : Maya Quixote And Miguel Panza
When their favorite flavor of ice cream is discontinued, the kids go on a quest to it reinstated.
8:30 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : Big Hearted T-Bone/Cleo's Valentine Surprise
T-Bone watches Cleo's niece but is distracted by Mimi. Cleo prepares a gift and expects a big one.
9 p.m.Nature Cat : Stream and Shout/Hal's Day Off
The gang follow a stream uphill, explore new environments and meet all sorts of friendly critters.
9:30 p.m.Peg + Cat : The Election Problem/The Littlest Chicken Problem
When the Farmer holds an election, Peg and Cat run against the Pig to win the votes of 100 chickens.
10 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : Secret Super Digger/Pucker Up And Blow
Sally tries to grow a flower for her mom, but it won't grow. Diggery the earthworm lends a hand.
10:30 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : No Night Today/Fun In The Sun
Nick and Sally meet Astronaut Audrey and take a trip to her International Space Station.

Ready TV Primetime

Wednesday, July 27th

Time Show
7 p.m.Victory Garden's Ediblefeast : Palm Beach
Dr. John Zahina-Ramos plants sweet potatoes in a wheelbarrow and then makes a wall garden.
7:30 p.m.Garden Smart
A once beautiful garden that is now rundown, but is coming back is visited.
8 p.m.Antiques Roadshow : Anaheim, Hour Three
Highlights include an 18th-century Chinese cinnabar lacquer box and a collection of wanted posters.
9 p.m.Travel Detective With Peter Greenberg : Uncovering Phony Hotel Reviews & Hidden Gems Of Va
Photo manipulation techniques used in hotel marketing and gems of Valle de Bravo are featured.
9:30 p.m.Arts in Context : Beautiful Creatures
Austin Bike Zoo is a one-of-a-kind blend of puppetry and cycling that features great characters.
Classic and unusual dishes are sampled in great breakfast spots from Connecticut to Hawaii.

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