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PBS HD Primetime

Wednesday, July 29th

Time Show
6:30 p.m.Desert Speaks : River Runs Dry
Once revered as sacred, the Gila River is now used up & dries out halfway to its former confluence.
7 p.m.PBS Newshour : None
8 p.m.Life on the Reef : Episode Two
Corals spawn, sea birds nest and thousands of turtle hatchlings erupt over the beaches.
9 p.m.Nova : Nuclear Meltdown Disaster
A look at how plant operators at Fukushima Daini averted disaster after the 2011 tsunami in Japan.
10 p.m.Uranium - Twisting the Dragon's Tail : None

UA Channel Primetime

Wednesday, July 29th

Time Show
7 p.m.Healthy Body Healthy Mind : Pancreatic Cancer
Risk factors, signs, symptoms and diagnostic techniques for pancreatic cancer are highlighted.
7:30 p.m.American Health Journal : None
Orthopedic stem cell treatment, Hepatitis C, and heart disease in women are discussed.
8 p.m.Joy of Chance : None
David Spiegelhalter tries to pin down exactly what "chance" is, and how it works in the real world.
9 p.m.Dw News : None
9:30 p.m.Nightly Business Report : None
10 p.m.Newsline : None
10:30 p.m.Arizona Illustrated : SERIES 1, EPISODE 38

Vme Primetime

Wednesday, July 29th

Time Show
7 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Amazing Animals (V-Me)
Un viaje mágico a través del reino animal. Grabaciones únicas que capturan los momentos impresionantes en la vida de los animales. Esta serie explora los rasgos de comportamiento, hábitos y estilos de vida.
7:30 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Wonderful World (V-Me)
Esta serie le permitirá conocer todo acerca de los lugares más espectaculares de la Tierra, sus civilizaciones y culturas. Un Mundo Maravilloso es el entorno perfecto para quienes buscan emoción.
8 p.m.Comisario Rex (Vme) : El Tiempo
Si pensaba que los superhéroes sólo existen en forma humana, se equivoca. Rex es un perro que lucha contra el crimen con un equipo de detectives que incluye al inspector y fiel compañero Alex.
9 p.m.Estelares Vme (Vme) : IT'S NEVER TOO LATE - PT 3
La extraordinaria aventura de Alberto Manzi quien, en la Italia de los 50s y 60s, cambiando la enseñanza en una correccional para jóvenes a la nueva creada televisión en blanco y negro, enseñó a millones de italianos a leer y escribir.
10 p.m.Played (V-Me) : None
A medida que Rebecca lucha por la justicia, ella también cruza la línea.

PBS Kids Primetime

Wednesday, July 29th

Time Show
7 p.m.Super Why! : Galileo's Space Adventure
The superheroes blast off into the tale Galileo's Space Adventure and investigate the solar system.
7:30 p.m.Cyberchase : The Deedle Beast
Digit is pet-sitting a lovable Deedle Beast but the critter behaves odd when Hacker moves next door.
8 p.m.Maya & Miguel : Chrissy's Big Move
The gang teaches Chrissy about Hong Kong's food and entertainment when her family has to move there.
8:30 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : That's Snow Lie/A Friend In Need
Cleo pretends to be hurt so she won't have to ice skate. Jetta takes on a big job without any help.
9 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : Special T-Bone/Jetta's Sneak Peek
T-Bone discovers his gift is making people feel good. Jetta can't resist reading Emily's journal.
9:30 p.m.Peg + Cat : The Messy Room Problem/The Golden Pyramid Problem
Peg and Cat sort through the mess in Peg's room just in time for company to come over.
10 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : A Plan For Sand/Whale Music
Carmela the Camel teaches the kids about how camels are adapted to live in the dry, sandy desert.
10:30 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : A Tale About Tails/Sticky Situation
The kids visit the Jungle of Wagga-Tag-Tail and meet many animals with very different tails.

Ready TV Primetime

Wednesday, July 29th

Time Show
7 p.m.For Your Home : Behind the Walls
Vicki discovers all the behind the walls and under the floor issue with her new dream home.
7:30 p.m.Garden Smart : None
Experts discuss native plants and water conservation.
8 p.m.Antiques Roadshow : Vintage Charleston
Interesting items include Newcomb College vases and a Leon Julien Deschamps bronze.
9 p.m.Family Travel With Colleen Kelly : Los Angeles - Hollywood & The Beach (Lights...Came
Colleen Kelly explores Los Angeles, CA from outdoor adventures to the Hollywood glitz and glam.
9:30 p.m.Incommon With Mike Leonard : Acceptance
An aspiring filmmaker confronts cultural, technological and geographic obstacles in Uganda, Africa.
10 p.m.Designing With Nature: The Plan for the Valleys : None
A portrait of the Valleys Planning Council, a citizen-led non-profit organization, is showcased.

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