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PBS HD Primetime

Thursday, May 5th

Time Show
6:30 p.m.Desert Speaks : Royal Road To The Final Outpost
Visit Chamizal National Memorial and Hildago del Parral and its monument to Pancho Villa.
7 p.m.PBS Newshour
8 p.m.Death in Paradise
9 p.m.Place to Call Home : The Prodigal Daughter
A nurse becomes involved in the lives of wealthy Australian family while on an ocean liner in 1953.
10 p.m.Doctor Blake Mysteries : This Time and This Place

World Primetime

Thursday, May 5th

Time Show
7 p.m.Making Light in Terezin
8 p.m.PBS Newshour
9 p.m.Nightly Business Report
9:30 p.m.Scully/The World Show
10 p.m.Charlie Rose
11 p.m.Tavis Smiley
11:30 p.m.Desert Speaks : Royal Road To The Final Outpost
Visit Chamizal National Memorial and Hildago del Parral and its monument to Pancho Villa.

UA Channel Primetime

Thursday, May 5th

Time Show
7:30 p.m.Labyrinth
Memory, art and hell collide as an Auschwitz survivor finally confronts the horrors of his past.
8 p.m.Shimon's Returns
Holocaust survivor Shimon Redlich returns to visit different hiding places in Poland and Ukraine.
9 p.m.Arizona Illustrated
9:30 p.m.Nightly Business Report
10 p.m.Newsline
10:30 p.m.To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe
"Government Gone Wild" author Kristin Tate talks about millennial voters in the 2016 election.

Vme Primetime

Thursday, May 5th

Time Show
7 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Amazing Animals (V-Me)
Un viaje mágico a través del reino animal. Grabaciones únicas que capturan los momentos impresionantes en la vida de los animales. Esta serie explora los rasgos de comportamiento, hábitos y estilos de vida.
7:30 p.m.Planeta Feroz: Wonderful World (V-Me)
Esta serie le permitirá conocer todo acerca de los lugares más espectaculares de la Tierra, sus civilizaciones y culturas. Un Mundo Maravilloso es el entorno perfecto para quienes buscan emoción.
8 p.m.Alarm for Cobra (Vme) : City in Fear
Actúan en la carretera. Sus intervenciones son escalofriantes. Sus adversarios: traficantes, asesinos y chantajistas. No hay descanso para estos hombres cuando suena: Alerta Cobra. Nuestra seguridad está en sus manos.
9 p.m.Estelares Vme (Vme) : SAN PEDRO - PT 4
Después de la muerte de Jesús en el año 33 D.C., Pedro asumió la tarea de guiar a los desconcertados discípulos Cristianos. Consciente de haber negado al Maestro Jesús tres veces en la noche de su arresto, Pedro prefiere alejarse de sus compañeros. Deslumbrado por la luz divina, Pedro, junto con Marco, comienza su viaje hacia Roma con el fin de evangelizar el imperio.
10 p.m.Scent of Love (V-Me)
Esta es la intensa historia de amor entre Laura y Giovanni. El arte de la elaboración del Perfume “Rosso San Valentino” los unirá y ellos, que pertenecen a dos mundos diferentes, tendrán que luchar por su amor.

PBS Kids Primetime

Thursday, May 5th

Time Show
7 p.m.Super Why! : Alice In Wonderland
The heroes tumble down the rabbit hole to catch up with a famous white rabbit who is very late!
7:30 p.m.Cyberchase : Sensible Flats
The team is transported to a Wild West site to prove that Hacker has taken a large piece of land.
8 p.m.Maya & Miguel : The Wrestler Next Door
Tito thinks that the new baker in town is really a famous Mexican masked wrestler.
8:30 p.m.Clifford the Big Red Dog : Special Delivery/Ferry Tale
Clifford accidentally breaks a present for Emily. Clifford tries to stay clean for a contest.
9 p.m.Nature Cat : Heartthrob Hamster/Astronuts
Nature Cat's family is pet-sitting their neighbor's hamster, Sir Galahad, who gets loose and runs.
9:30 p.m.Peg + Cat : The Play Date Problem/The Blabberwocky Problem
Peg and Cat use music to help their friends Beethoven and the Three Bears play together.
10 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : Sniff And Seek/Aye Aye!
Sally is not sure what her favorite smell is so she plays sniff and seek with Whiffy the skunk!
10:30 p.m.Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! : Meet The Beetles/Tongue Tied
The kids meet Treetop Tom and see how his tough tongue can pick food off of thorny branches.

Ready TV Primetime

Thursday, May 5th

Time Show
7 p.m.Urban Conversion : Green You
Rodman discovers how one campus is leading the way towards sustainability in higher education.
7:30 p.m.Central Texas Gardener : Summer Fireworks
Pop it up all summer with beat-the-heat showoffs and garden design recycling pizzazz.
8 p.m.This Old House Hour
Drilling begins on a geothermal system and Norm tours local 1st period homes.
9 p.m.Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope : Eastern Europe's Treasures - From Budapest to Buch
Joseph embarks on a colorful kaleidoscope of adventures in the heart of the heart of Europe.
9:30 p.m.Roadtrip Nation : Deciding What's Next
The team meets exhibition designer Olivia Castellini and inventor-turned-entrepreneur Ben Kaufman.
10 p.m.Promise to My Father
Holocaust survivor Israel Arbeiter returns to Europe to tour concentration camps and memorials.

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