Genealogy Roadshow: Nashville

At the Belmont Mansion in America’s “Music City,” _ Genealogy Roadshow_ uncovers fascinating stories and mysteries about Tennessee citizens and their enigmatic relatives.

(L-R) Courtney Marie Jones, Bertie Greer and Edwin Kennedy discover their surprising family past with genealogist Kenyatta Berry.
Roadshow genealogists investigate cases of two people who claim they’re descendants of American folk hero and Tennessee legend Davy Crockett, and another who thinks she may be a member of the famed Hatfield clan. A Nashville resident seeks to untangle her family history, which may include a former president, a famous singer and a notorious criminal. And a heart-wrenching story about an unknown father becomes a heartwarming reunion for two long-lost cousins.

Genealogy Roadshow, Sunday at 9 p.m. on PBS 6.

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