Under My Wing

Season 1, Episode 9 of 26

Under My Wing: Mona learns about looking after animals and people. - Nana brushes Russell in the backyard and checks his teeth and ears to see if they look healthy. Mona joins them outside and asks what Nana is doing; Nana tells her that she is looking after Russell the same way she looks after her. Mona wants to help. As Mona brushes Russell, Nana shows her how to check Russell's ears and his tongue. Nana explains that to care for Russell she needs to play with him as well. Mona gets Russell a stick and they play fetch. Russell hits Mr. Wooka's door while they are playing, and he comes out and invites them all in for a puppet show. Puppet Show: The monsters are lost in a forest, when all of a sudden a bat flies by. They are scared, so they all run and hide. The bat flies away, but only for a moment and comes back and lands on Cheryl. She is scared and tries to run away. Gary shoos the bat away, and in doing so the bat becomes injured. The monsters decide that they should help him, but they don't think that they should touch the injured animal. They agree that they will sing him a song to make him feel better. They start to sing, and as they do, the bat feels better. Mona decides to take care of Nana with Russell's help. Nana is touched. Mona leads Nana to the living room and they lay her down on the couch. Mona goes and gets a blanket while Russell rubs her feet. Mona and Russell get on the couch with Nana. Mona takes Nana's hand and pets her. Nana tells them that they are doing a great job taking care of her. Later Mona and Russell are playing outside. Mona continues to check Russell. A bird flies by and Mona and Russell are very excited. The bird continues to fly, until he smacks against the house. Mona gets Nana and shows her the injured bird. Nana wraps the bird in a blanket and takes him into the house so that she can make him all better. Nana assures Mona the bird will be fine. Nana brings Mona a shoebox and they put the bird inside to recuperate. Nana explains that because he hit his head, he is tired and needs to rest before he can fly away. Mona wants to read the bird a story. Story Time: I Love My Family by Doug the Dog. - Doug the Dog explains that he loves his family because they take such good care of him. The birdie starts to chirp. Nana says he is ready to go outside. Mona takes him outside, and Russell joins them. They watch from the door as the bird flies away. Mona's Mom arrives. As they leave Mona starts to tell her about the bird.

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