Season 1, Episode 19 of 26

Spring: Mona learns all about springtime. - Nana looks out the window at the lovely spring day. Mona and Russell go outside and see a frog. They scare the frog and make him jump. Mona and Russell decide to jump like the frog. Then they notice a butterfly and try to catch it. Flowers from the tree fall all around Mona. She picks one up and a bee lands on it. She cautions Russell not to move, and then when it's safe, they run from the bee. She notices the yellow tulips and sniffs them. Nana joins them outside and asks if they are enjoying the beautiful spring day. They head over to Mr. Wooka's. Mona tells him about the flowers, while Nana goes to get something: a spring surprise. Mr. Wooka brings Mona over to his old teeter-totter. He shows her how it works, and helps Russell and Mona play with it. Nana comes back with her surprise: fresh pineapple. Later Nana is cleaning the kitchen when Mona runs in with Russell. She asks what she is doing, and Nana replies that she is cleaning. Mona and Russell want to help Nana clean. They get sponges from the bucket, and Russell brings them the water. Mona starts to clean with her sponge, and tells Nana that it is very dirty outside and asks if they can make it clean. Nana agrees, and so they go outside and start to clean outside of the house. They clean the gnome, the flowers, the chair, the grass, a caterpillar and then Russell. Mona notices something on one of the gnomes. Nana explains that it is a cocoon, and that there is a butterfly inside. She tells Mona that she has a story all about it. Story Time: Little Fuzz - It is a story about springtime, told by a little caterpillar. In the end he becomes a butterfly. After the story they take a look at the cocoon in the backyard. The cocoon starts to move and out comes a butterfly. They watch it fly off, and everyone is very excited. The doorbell rings. Mommy arrives to take Mona home. Mona tells her all about the butterfly and the cocoon.

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