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12. The Doctor and the Rock Star - This is the story of an odd couple - Dr. Carey Stanton, who owned Santa Cruz Island, and rock star Joe Walsh. Meeting in the 1970s through Marla Daily, they struck up an unusual, and unusually strong, bond that led to Joe putting on an Eagle's concert to help raise the money for the Nature Conservancy's purchase of Santa Cruz Island... and ultimately its protection forever. 13. Cache - After a 20 year quest to find a cave reputed to have been used by the Lone Woman, archeologist Steve Schwartz finally discovers the cave. Only to have his excavation efforts shut down by the Navy. This tale chronicles the turf war over the cave between archeologists, the Navy and various Indian tribes. It also tells the story of an amazing discovery of the Lone Woman's 'cache' by Jon Erlandson and Rene Vellanoweth. And shows the over 200 artifacts they preserved. 14. Island Restoration - Novelist TC Boyle talks about his attraction to the Channel Islands that led him to write two books about them. One, When the Killing is Done, focuses on the showdown between environmentalists and Channel Islands National Park and Nature Conservancy naturalists who wanted to restore the islands to their native state. This is the spine of our tale and leads to discussion of 'who gets to play god' out there, what steps have been taken with various species like the island fox and the bald eagle, and what the results have been.

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