Shakespeare & Hathaway-Private Investigators

Outrageous Fortune

Season 1, Episode 11 of 20

Lawyer George Gonzalo seeks out Frank and Lu to help a client with a difference - he's got four paws and is worth his weight in gold. Mongrel Tim, heir to the late Theodore Athenaeus' vast shipping fortune, has run away from his life of luxury at the opulent Miranda Park. With the promise of a £25,000 reward for his safe recovery, Frank and Lu vow to suss out where, and why, Tim would flee, questioning Tim's plethora of staff, vet Antigone Carter, personal trainer Wayne, animal stylist Benoit and eccentric animal undertaker Leonard Baxter along the way. The case heats up when Gonzalo receives a ransom video demanding £200,000, revealing that Tim didn't run away - but was kidnapped. When Lu discovers the CCTV footage from the night Tim went missing was tampered with, it seems Tim's disappearance was an inside job. But who would wish ill on a lonely, pampered pooch?

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