Shakespeare & Hathaway-Private Investigators

The Play's The Thing

Season 1, Episode 12 of 20

Adrian Messenger, creator of The Legends of Engelworld, successfully controls the loves and lives of his LARP characters, but struggles with his own; he suspects wife Maggie, aka Queen Margaret, of having an affair with the Duke of Yorcastria, aka Major Tony Suffolk, and employs Frank and Lu to find proof. Undercover in the game, our PIs witness a devastated Maggie threatening to kill Tony when he breaks things off. When Tony, along with Adrian's assistant Katie, is shot during battle by real arrows fired by Maggie, it seems an open and shut case, although Maggie denies knowing her arrows were real. Adrian begs Frank and Lu to prove Maggie's innocence - there are others in Engelworld that might want Tony hurt, including Ewan Clarence, whose King was recently murdered by Tony's Duke. But is the crown of Engelworld really worth killing for?

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