Shakespeare & Hathaway-Private Investigators

No More Cakes And Ale

Season 1, Episode 15 of 20

Late one night at Touchstone Farm, farmer Eddie Dogberry's violently assaulted when he accosts three thieves attempting to steal his quad bike. The thieves leave Eddie for dead, witnessed by bag lady, Cynthia Sly, concealed in a haystack... 6 months later Portia Montgomery, Solicitor Advocate, visits Frank and Lu with a plea for help. She's defending Ant Donohue in court for burglary and assault of Eddie Dogberry. Portia suspects Ant's being threatened on remand in prison, but he previously told the police there was a witness there that night who can prove his innocence. Frank visits Ant, who insists he doesn't want girlfriend Stacey Lamb at the trial and reluctantly describes the witness he saw. She sounds awfully familiar to Frank. With just 3 days until the trial, Frank and Lu must track down Cynthia and convince her to give evidence in court, before it's too late...

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