Summer of Rockets

Season 1, Episode 6 of 6

Mr Field suspects Richard, Arthur and Kathleen are behind the attack on his dog and office. General Armstrong arrives with his men and start searching the office. He invites Samuel to join him at his club. Armstrong explains his theory to Samuel: there’s a cabal of disaffected people, a coalition between once-important men who now feel themselves side-lined, and some rogue officers from MI5 and MI6, who believe there’s massive Russian penetration in the secret service. They wish to put their own man in place – Richard Shaw. Kathleen, Richard and David arrive back at the house. David still assures them that he is not Anthony. Joel tries to have sex with Hannah, but she’s not ready. That evening, they go to the dance hall, where Joel is attacked by a group of white boys. A large fight breaks out, and Hannah is punched in the face. When the police arrive, they nearly arrest two of the white boys, Joel, and Hannah. Samuel agrees to carry out Mr Field’s mission. He goes to the Shaw’s house, and Richard takes him to the woods to show him five World War Two tanks – Maddox’s private army. Kathleen takes David to see Tezler, and he is still adamant that he is not Anthony. Tezler confides in Sasha that he continued writing to Anthony after his disappearance. They had bonded over their love of animals, and their hatred of blood sports. Hannah meets Nicholas for coffee, and he tells her that he’s gay. She decides to tell him all about Samuel’s dealing with the secret service. Nicholas is due to meet comedian Max Dennis’ producer afterwards to discuss writing sketches for him. David admits to Kathleen that he is indeed Anthony. Samuel, wearing a wire, accompanies Richard to a large house. Maddox gives a demonstration of the tanks to the guests. Later, Arthur explains the group’s plan to Samuel. They will encircle London Airport with tanks, along with three other strategically important sites, all of which will need his pager system to be installed. The personnel at the top of government will be changed as a result of the movement. Richard will then lead the new government. During Richard’s speech to the group, Arthur and Maddox notice a Max Dennis sketch on television – a sketch that has striking parallels to their plan. The group leave the house, knowing there has been a leak. While getting hit coat, Samuel is searched by two security men who unveil the wire. They punch him in the stomach and leave. Samuel finds Sobell in the ballroom who points a gun at him. However, before he manages to fire, he is hit by a bullet shot by Arthur. The plan is over for now, and Samuel and Arthur go their separate ways. Samuel throws Hannah a street party to mark the end of the season, with all in attendance

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