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Episode of New Metropolis

The New Neighbors

Season 1, Episode 2 of 2
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THE NEW METROPOLIS - two new half-hour documentaries by award-winning filmmaker Andrea Torrice - highlights the struggle to revitalize and rebuild America's original suburbs. "A Crack in the Pavement," narrated by actor Peter Coyote, unravels the national infrastructure and regional land-use policy debate through the stories of two public officials from southern Ohio. "The New Neighbors," narrated by actress Ruby Dee, follows a diverse group of residents and public officials from Pennsauken, New Jersey, as they attempt to reverse a declining housing market and create a vibrant, integrated community.

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8/5/2014 7:30 p.m. World
8/6/2014 7:30 a.m. World
8/9/2014 9:30 p.m. World
8/10/2014 2:30 a.m. World
8/10/2014 8:30 a.m. World
8/10/2014 4:30 p.m. World

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