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Episode of Lafayette: The Lost Hero

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"Lafayette: The Lost Hero" tells the story of the Marquis de Lafayette and his quest to bring democracy to America and France, through the eyes of Sabine Renault Sabloniere, a 21st century descendant. The film traces the life and legend of this intriguing, neglected, and controversial figure, who left France at the age of 19 and fought courageously for the independence of the United States. He returns to France, risking his life to help start the French Revolution and then struggles in vain to bring democracy to his country by peaceful means. Years later, after being imprisoned for bringing freedom movements to Europe, he returns, triumphantly, for the 50th anniversary of the American revolution -- this country's first great patriotic celebration.

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9/13/2010 10 p.m. PBS HD
9/14/2010 2 a.m. PBS HD
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