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Episode of Sesame Street

The "A" Team

Season 42, Episode 25 of 99
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Abby, Elmo, and Telly are in the arbor when Big A comes in looking for members to join the A Team. The A Team helps people by solving problems using letter A words, such as "arrow" and "anchor." Abby, Elmo, and Telly join the team and proudly wear the letter A on their chests. Baby Bear is the first one who has a problem. He needs help getting his sister Curly Bear to take a nap. The A Team brings in an astronaut reciting the alphabet while doing aerobics to help her fall asleep. It works! Curly Bear falls fast asleep. Next, Gina tries to reach an envelope that blew up in the tree. The A Team brings in animals with apricot allergies that have apricots tied to their ankles. Their sneezes blow the envelope back down! Last, Oscar is aggravated and angry that some pigs are playing by his trash can. First, The A Team tries to distract them by bringing in Alan wearing an afro being chased by an alligator with an attitude, but that doesn't work. Big A wants to try a new plan and points out that the letter A can make different sounds. The A Team brings in an ape dressed as an angel singing about acorns. That plan doesn't work either. Alan suggests that they try asking the pigs to stop playing their game near Oscar's trash can. It works! Another problem solved using an "A" word. This calls for an "A" celebration! THEME: Literacy A / 9

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11/5/2010 9 a.m. PBS 6
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