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Episode of 1955 WORLD SERIES: 7 DAYS OF FALL

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"1955 World Series - Seven Days of Fall" about the 1955 Brooklyn Dodger/New York Yankee World Series is based upon the poem, entitled "1955", by James T. Crawford. In unprecedented style, the presentation uniquely blends the normal documentary elements of archival film footage, still images, narration, player and fan interviews, period music, and recital of the poem to recount this timeless story 50 years later. It's a program about dedication, teamwork, belief in one self and commitment to achievement against all odds; the story of the Brooklyn Dodger's only World Championship after 65 years of futility, and of the team's unique connection with the community that so closely identified with it. '1955' is more then a sports story, but a time capsule of a period in American history like no other. Or as, the documentary's epilogue states: To believe was to achieve ... back in 1955".

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