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Episode of Our Summer in Tehran

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OUR SUMMER IN TEHRAN follows filmmaker and long-time Globe Trekker host Justine Shapiro, a Jewish-American, and her six-year-old son to Iran. Over the course of three months, Justine and Mateo share daily life in Tehran with three very different middle-class families in their homes, at their jobs, in playgrounds and in cafes. They take part in the ordinary acts, like shopping at the bazaar or enjoying a picnic in the park, and also find themselves caught up in the all-too-common power play that exists among the various ministries in Iran. Part poetry, part travelogue, part family drama, OUR SUMMER IN TEHRAN takes viewers beyond the heated headlines and into this fascinating and yet strikingly familiar land.

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6/20/2012 8 p.m. UA Channel
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