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Episode of Desert Speaks

Royal Road To The Final Outpost

Season 14, Episode 13 of 13
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The third installment of the trip along El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro includes a visit to Hildago del Parral, and its monument to the famous soldier of Mexican independence, Pancho Villa. Nearby Santa Barbara, also along the original route, is a festive sight with deep, proud roots to the ancient Royal Road. El Paso del Norte marks the passage of the route across the border into the U.S. A stop in Chamizal National Memorial on the border reveals the historic importance of the Rio Grande to Mexico and the U.S. Next, visit Dona Ana, one of the first permanent settlements north of the Rio Grande. Travel through Jornada del Muerto (Dead Man's Journey) - a dry, flat and arid stretch of the route that left ancient travelers along the Royal Road disconnected from any source of water for nine days. Hatch, New Mexico is still known for the same types of chilies that the Spaniards encountered on their way through the valley corridor centuries ago. The journey north from here was initially considered too dangerous for permanent settlement because of constant raids from indigenous groups. The current town of Albuquerque is located at a natural crossing of the Rio Grande and was settled nearly a century after the last stop on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. Santa Fe was eventually established as the new capital of the Spanish Empire, and is now the true end of the journey along El Camino Real.

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