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Episode of Desert Speaks

Passions Of The Pitaya

Season 17, Episode 3 of 13
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Travel with host David Yetman and Mexican ecologist Alberto Burquez to an area southwest of Guadalajara, Mexico where locals celebrate an annual festival dedicated to tasty Pitaya cactus fruit. Once used as a source of water for natives, the Pitaya has now become a reason to celebrate. In this episode, Yetman journeys to the city of Techaluta to watch workers harvest Pitayas by lamplight, where he places a bet on a midday horserace, and participates in a Pitaya-eating contest. Then visit Infiernillo "Little Hell," where the dry, hot temperature is ideal for the cultivation of a distinct type of Pitaya. The travelers also visit a local carpenter who produces furniture from various types of columnar cactus wood.

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