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Episode of Desert Speaks

Magical Michoacan

Season 17, Episode 4 of 13
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Host David Yetman and Mexican ecologist Alberto Burquez travel into and around the state of Michoacan, Mexico, to explore its rugged coast, diverse habitats and local traditions. On the coast, the travelers visit a banana plantation to see how the fruit is cleaned and kept free of insect damage before exportation. Further inland, a stop in one of Michoacan's tropical deciduous forests reveals some interesting vegetation, including the Sandbox Tree, which bears explosive fruit, and the malicious Mala Mujer shrub with its sharp, stinging hairs. Then it's on to Paracho, the famous guitar-making capital of Mexico. Watch the construction of beautiful instruments and examine some of the guitars that have been aged for as many as 35 years to create the perfect tone.

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