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Episode of Jammin at Hippie Jack's

The John Cowan Band

Season 3, Episode 1 of 13
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The John Cowan Band, Bluegrass, Newgrass, Gospelgrass, Rock N' Rollgrass, break boundaries and personify innovation. Recorded at the Jammin at Hippie Jack's Americana Music Festival in Overton County, TN. Bluegrass, Newgrass, Gospelgrass, Rock N' Rollgrass...true innovators like John Cowan break boundaries and personify innovation. John's ability to take audiences on a musical journey through multiple genres has made him one of the most unique vocal artists of his generation. John Cowan rose to fame when he became the lead singer for New Grass Revival. He and band mates Sam Bush, Bela Fleck and Pat Flynn introduced a new generation of music fans to an explosive, experimental brand of bluegrass...Newgrass! After inspiring and entertaining fans for nearly two decades, New Grass Revival disbanded in 1990. On his own, John gives his creative muse full rein. He has recorded a series of critically acclaimed albums spanning the musical spectrum, often bending and blending genres.

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