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Episode of This Old House Hour

Season 11, Episode 6 of 26
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Mason Mark McCullough shows Norm how he's repointing the old brick foundation. Then Norm and Tom repair the sagging front porch. Kevin visits Community Rowing on the Charles River to see how they make the Cambridge pastime of rowing available to everyone. Back at the project house, Tom and Kevin re-build the rotted historic porch railing to meet conservation district standards. Tom details the fire blocking and fire caulking as spray foam insulation begins in the balloon frame house. In a special episode in the second half of the hour, on ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, the guys visit New York. Richard tours a scale model of the entire city in Queens. Kevin works with a local electrician to add task lighting to a dark kitchen in Brooklyn. Then, Richard, Kevin, Roger, and Tom play "What is it" with a special guest in Times Square. Afterward, Roger visits a new park built atop an old train line. And Tom helps a homeowner in Greenwich Village add a cable railing system to her deck.

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