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Episode of Doc Martin

The Holly Bears A Prickle

Season 3, Episode 7 of 9
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It has taken three seasons, but Doc Martin and Louisa are finally going on their first date. However, in typical fashion, the clumsy doctor manages to ruin the moment with an inappropriate remark, and Louisa ends their affair, leaving Martin shell shocked. The break-up hits Martin harder than he anticipated. But there's one more chance to redeem himself when he gets an urgent call for help from Louisa to treat her friend Holly. As Martin leaves Louisa's house, he realizes he could lose her forever. He pauses on the doorstep and asks her to marry him.

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11/29/2012 9:54 p.m. PBS HD
11/30/2012 2:54 a.m. PBS HD
11/30/2012 1:54 p.m. PBS HD
4/18/2013 8:59 p.m. PBS HD
4/19/2013 1:59 a.m. PBS HD
4/20/2013 2 p.m. PBS HD
9/15/2013 10:30 p.m. PBS HD

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