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Episode of Born & Bred

The Inspector Calls

Season 1, Episode 3 of 36
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With no cash available to pay builders the villagers rally to get the cottage hospital up to scratch before an N.H.S. inspector arrives to approve it.Despite being told the post is cursed Deborah becomes chair of the newly revived parish council and, whilst the villagers stall the inspector,who has arrived early, she tries to get cash from bombastic mill-owner Horace Trubshaw. He agrees providing Tom will pick three workers for him to sack,which Tom refuses. However he is 'persuaded' to provide funds when his put-upon chief clerk Jack Stubbs exposes him for ...

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1/6/2013 7 p.m. PBS 6
1/7/2013 1 a.m. PBS 6
6/30/2013 6 p.m. PBS 6
7/1/2013 4:07 a.m. PBS 6
11/5/2013 2 p.m. PBS 6

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