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Episode of Doc Martin

Cats And Sharks

Season 5, Episode 7 of 8
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Bert Large's restaurant business is in financial trouble. He can't even afford the food and drink for a charity event to raise money for Florence Dingle's (Anne Reid) cat sanctuary. Mrs. Dingle is distraught. She desperately needs the money to continue to look after the cats and kittens in her care. Eleanor comes to Bert's rescue with a plan to boost business at the restaurant, suggesting they have a Spanish theme night to attract customers. She rolls up her sleeves and begins preparing for the Spanish feast. But she begins to feel very ill and Louisa insists she must see the doc. Morwenna calls an ambulance, but the Doc decides there is no alternative: he must operate now on Eleanor in his surgery or she could die. Dr. Martin Ellingham is planning to leave Portwenn in a week's time to resume his career as a surgeon, leaving Louisa and the baby in the village. They have the christening to organize before he leaves. But as usual the doc shows little interest in the event, leaving it all to Louisa.

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1/31/2013 9 p.m. PBS 6
2/1/2013 2 a.m. PBS 6
2/2/2013 2 p.m. PBS 6
6/13/2013 9:43 p.m. PBS 6
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6/15/2013 2:45 p.m. PBS 6
1/16/2014 8 p.m. PBS 6
1/17/2014 1 a.m. PBS 6
1/18/2014 11:07 p.m. PBS 6
2/19/2015 9 p.m. PBS 6
2/20/2015 2 a.m. PBS 6
10/8/2015 8 p.m. PBS 6
10/9/2015 1 a.m. PBS 6
7/4/2016 11 p.m. PBS 6
8/2/2016 noon PBS 6
8/2/2016 11:30 p.m. PBS 6

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