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Episode of Desert Speaks

Visiting Ancient Mayo Lands

Season 13, Episode 10 of 13
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Reaching up to Mexico's northwest corner, Pacific dry deciduous forest extends south all the way to Costa Rica, providing a pathway into Sonora for many widespread tropical plants and birds. This is especially evident in the southern tip of the Sonoran Desert on Mexico's mainland, near Alamos, Sonora. Travel with a group of bird watchers from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum as they journey through coastal and forest habitats in search of some of the rarest birds in the region. Along the way, catch a rare glimpse into the life, culture, and traditions of the native Mayo Indians. Included is one of the area's biggest cultural events-the annual pilgrimage to an ancient church to celebrate what is probably the most revered plant in all of Mexico-a cactus growing out of the side of church.

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