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Episode of Question One

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"Question One" is a probing and insightful look at one of the most bitterly divisive and issues facing our nation today - same sex marriage. Award winning journalists, Joe Fox and James Nubile got unprecedented access to cover both sides of Maine's historic 2009 marriage referendum election. The result is a searing documentary that brings us up close and personal to one election, that tore a state apart and was instrumental in shaping the national landscape of this fast evolving civil rights issue. In war room style fashion, "Question One" has done what no other film has; chronicles the behind-the scenes workings of the pro and anti same-sex marriage campaigns as they fought for the hearts, minds and votes of the people of Maine. For three months, the filmmakers imbedded themselves in war rooms and strategy sessions as they captured the private thoughts, fears and conflicts expressed by key leaders as well as followed the foot soldiers and volunteers as they knocked on countless doors and made endless phone calls in an attempt to persuade and plead their neighbors and strangers to vote yes or no on "Question One".

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