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Episode of Globe Trekker


Season 12, Episode 29 of 30
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Ian travels to one of the world's poorest nations, a country wiped off the tourist trail for 20 years by war but now on the rise again. He starts his journey in its capital Maputo, where he meets artists working to heal the wounds of war, views its colonial relics, lives it up in one of Africa's most luxurious hotels, and shops at a local market for a real taste of Africa. In Chimoio, Ian discovers how the central region of the country is dealing with the terrible landmine legacy of its civil war. From here, he crosses the mighty Zambezi River and continues his journey to Quelimane, where he stops at Africa's biggest coconut plantation before learning about how locals are dealing with the lethal spread of AIDS in Mocuba. Ian then travels to the first European settlement in East Africa, magical Mozambique Island, which was built as a replica of Lisbon in Portugal. Finally, he travels to the village of Mueba, famous for a massacre of its people by the Portuguese in 1960.

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