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Episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

The Green Mill Murder

Season 1, Episode 3 of 13
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Phryne, gorgeous in her sparkling evening gown, had thought she would dance the night away at the hottest dancehall in town, the Green Mill. That was before death spoiled the evening. In jazz-mad 1920s Melbourne, Phryne finds there are hidden perils lurking in the smoky shadows - like a mystery man from her past - and it takes all her ingenuity, and her rusty flying skills, to unravel the trail of blackmail and murder. Directed by Kate Dennis and guest stars Toby Schmitz, Deni Hines, Wendy Hughes, Arthur Angel and Simon Lyndon.

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1/14/2014 1 p.m. PBS 6
1/16/2014 9 p.m. PBS 6
1/17/2014 2 a.m. PBS 6
5/21/2015 8 p.m. PBS 6
5/22/2015 1:02 a.m. PBS 6
5/27/2015 4 a.m. PBS 6

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