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Episode of Inspiration With Lance Heft

Lori Pompa - Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Season 2, Episode 2 of 13
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"Once you have found human beings where you were told there were only monsters, you will never be the same again." Lori Pompa, Founder/Director of Inside-Out. When we move beyond the walls that separate us, we find we are more alike than we are different. Nowhere is this more apparent than through the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program, where college students go behind prison walls to study side-by-side with incarcerated people. Lori Pompa, founder of the program, talks about its 15-year history and the transformative experiences it's had for people on both sides. We'll take you inside a prison so you can see what a class is really like. We'll talk to people on both sides, and learn about how initial perceptions about one another change dramatically.

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