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Episode of Michael Graves: The Warehouse

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MICHAEL GRAVES: THE WAREHOUSE provides a window into the creative life of one of the United States' most recognized architects and designers. Graves' private home in Princeton, New Jersey, known as "The Warehouse," serves as a showpiece for the multi-talented artist's broad array of interests and influences. The world-renowned architect transformed the once derelict warehouse into a brilliantly executed living space, marrying the structure's original 1920s artisanal design with exquisite personal touches - from the Italian poplars lining the driveway to the thousands of books in his two-story library. During the special, Graves gives a private tour of the house, a repository for his cherished collections, a laboratory for his design ideas and, most importantly, his beloved home for more than 40 years.

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1/28/2014 noon Ready TV
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