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Episode of Masterpiece Mystery!

Sherlock, Series Iii: His Last Vow

Season 44, Episode 11 of 48
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Sherlock Holmes stalks again in a third season of the modern version of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the go-to consulting detective in 21st-century London and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) as his loyal friend, Dr. John Watson. To Sherlock Holmes, Charles Augustus Magnussen is the Napoleon of blackmail - and the one man he truly hates.

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2/2/2014 9 p.m. PBS 6
2/3/2014 2 a.m. PBS 6
2/8/2014 3 p.m. PBS 6
9/20/2015 9 p.m. PBS 6
9/21/2015 3 a.m. PBS 6
12/30/2016 2 p.m. PBS 6

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