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Episode of Closing the Gap

Skipping Up/Still Segregated

Season 1, Episode 1 of 6
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"Skipping Up" - Set primarily in Mark Twain Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, Skipping Up follows a group of eighth graders as they finish their year in the Middle School Partners Program, a new and highly successful dropout-prevention project that helps students who were previously behind catch up quickly. Students in the program have seen their chances of dropping out fall from 90% to 10% while their tests scores in many cases exceed that of their peers, and it has generated national interest as a model for schools with significant Latino populations. From the PBS series AMERICAN GRADUATE: VAMOS A LOGRARLO! SHORTS. Presented by ITVS. Produced by Three Chord Media, LLC. Jim Mendiola, Director "Still Segregated" - If segregation isn't an issue any more, how is it that many of our children's classrooms have little or no diversity? Professor Gary Orfield is the founder of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA. He was at the March 50 years ago and has spent the better part of his career exploring how and why American classrooms have re-segregated along ethnic, and often, socio-economic lines. From the PBS documentary web series MARCH @ 50 from filmmaker Shukree Tilghman.

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