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Episode of Roadtrip Nation

Uncertainty Is Opportunity

Season 10, Episode 6 of 8
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As they enter the 5th week of their 7-week Roadtrip, the team reflects on how comfortable they've become with the unpredictable eccentricities of the Road. Megan, who is naturally wired to adhere to routine, is learning to embrace uncertainly, and this helps her cope with an influx of job rejections. In New York, the team's interview with Radiolab radio host Jad Abumrad serves to reinforce Megan's newfound acceptance of the unknown. Jad describes his unsuccessful attempts at other careers, noting that although he never thought he would get into radio, he has found it to be a surprisingly satisfying assimilation of his interests. His ability to adapt to changing circumstance teaches the Roadtrippers although they might not end up where they planned in life, their ultimate trajectory might be even better than what they expected.

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