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Episode of Story of the Jews With Simon Schama

Among Believers

Season 1, Episode 2 of 5
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Simon Schama's epic series continues with the story of medieval Jews struggling to preserve their identity - and sometimes their lives - under the rule of Christianity and Islam. Whether labeled "Christ-killers" by the Christians or "dhimmi" (non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic community) by the Muslims, diaspora Jews built new lives and invented new ways of being Jewish in exile in the face of discrimination, blood-libels and persecution interspersed with periods of tolerance, protection and peaceful co-existence. Drawing on some of the extraordinary documents they left behind, this episode offers a vivid portrait of Jewish bankers, merchants, doctors, poets and artists flourishing in Lincoln, Cordoba, Venice and Cairo and tells the heart-rending story of their mass expulsion from Spain in 1492.

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3/25/2014 9 p.m. PBS 6
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