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Episode of European Journal

Season 32, Episode 13 of 52
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Austria: In the Valley of the Ruble Millionaires - Austria is popular with wealthy Russians. The small town of Kitzbuhel is one of the places profiting from its rich guests. Now there are fears that sanctions will scare away the Russian elite. To Reinhold Mitterlehner, Austria's Economy Minister, it's long been clear that sanctions are an own goal for his country. In the high season in winter, charter flights from Russia land hourly at the small airports serving Salzburg and Innsbruck. Last year, 1.4 million Russians vacationed in Austria, most in popular ski resorts such as Kitzbuhel. Many Russian millionaires and even billionaires have bought property here. In doing so, they're combining business with pleasure, because Austria offers favorable tax conditions to well-heeled private investors. Macedonia: Monumental Battle - "Skopje 2014" is the name of an expensive government project that is increasingly dividing the country. From Alexander the Great to Mother Teresa, the city is home to increasing numbers of statues. When building began two years ago, "Skopje 2014" was meant to beautify the old town center. But it is now clear to everyone involved that it has much more to do with the issue of whose history is being immortalized in bronze and whose isn't. In a small country in which Macedonians, Turks, Albanians, Serbs and Roma live more alongside than with each other, each new statue leads to a heated dispute. The Albanians in particular feel they're inadequately represented in the sea of monuments, and a statue of Stefan Dusan, the self-proclaimed medieval Emperor of the Serbs, has infuriated the mainly Muslim Albanian minority. France: High-Flying Helmet Cameras - Michael Schumacher had one - and thousands of other skiers do as well: a micro-video camera mounted on a helmet. But the pursuit of impressive skiing pictures often leads skiers to take greater risks. In Europe's highest ski resort, Val Thorens, piste attendants have long been aware of a dangerous trend. More and more people are skiing in deep powder snow off-piste. What's new is that most amateur skiers intentionally go out when the risk of avalanche is at its greatest, simply because that's when they can get the best pictures of deep-powder skiing. Spain: Belated Justice for Franco's Victims? - To this day, Spain's legal system has not dealt with the crimes of the Franco era. A female Argentinian judge is now giving many victims new hope. Because of an amnesty, even torturers from the Franco era have been able to live unpunished in Spain. Protection from criminal prosecution was originally meant to facilitate the peaceful transition to democracy. Many victims, however, are demanding that the amnesty be lifted at last. A female judge from Buenos Aires is also seeking belated justice for these victims. Now Spain faces a flood of litigation: some two hundred lawsuits have been filed by Argentinian lawyers living in Madrid. They want to try perpetrators still living in Spain before courts in Argentina.

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