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Episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

King Memses' Curse

Season 1, Episode 13 of 13
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Murdoch Foyle is at large and has been connected with the mysterious death of Albert Monkton, antique dealer. In investigating the murder, Phryne discovers Murdoch Foyle's involvement in a bizarre reincarnation cult, inspired by Ancient Egypt. Phryne's hunt for the madman leads her on a disturbing trail of death and despair before she realizes her own significance in Foyle's grand plan. Can she overcome her nemesis and finally solve the mystery regarding the fate of her sister, Janey, or will her own death be the price she has to pay to discover the truth. Directed by Daina Reid and guest stars Matt Day, Nicole Nabout, John Arnold and Nick Backstrom.

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4/6/2014 11 p.m. PBS 6
4/8/2014 1 p.m. PBS 6
4/10/2014 10 p.m. PBS 6
4/11/2014 3 a.m. PBS 6
7/30/2015 8 p.m. PBS 6
7/31/2015 1 a.m. PBS 6
8/3/2015 2 p.m. PBS 6
8/5/2015 4 a.m. PBS 6

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