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Episode of Global Voices

I Will Be Murdered

Season 7, Episode 3 of 18
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I Will Be Murdered is a feature-length documentary that portrays the astonishing, real-life story of a lawyer who launched a personal crusade in search of justice, and brought his country to the brink of chaos. In May 2009, Rodrigo Rosenberg, a wealthy, charismatic lawyer went cycling near his home in Guatemala City and was murdered. Nothing unusual, as tragically Guatemala has a murder rate four times higher than Mexico's. What was extraordinary is that Rodrigo Rosenberg knew, for certain, he was about to be killed. Two of Rosenberg's clients had been murdered a few weeks before. He was driven to investigate a case which, he told his friends, he feared would lead to his death. A video he recorded days before he died accused the president of his murder. Uploaded to Youtube, it nearly brought down the government. A special prosecutor began an investigation, a journey into Rosenberg's soul and Guatemala's hell, that after multiple twists and turns, reached a stunning revelation.

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