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Episode of Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope

Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Bonjour, Montreal

Season 7, Episode 6 of 13
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"Bonjour" means good day in French and it is always a good day in the French speaking Canadian province of Quebec, especially in the lively cosmopolitan city of Montreal. By taking to Montreal's streets, neighborhoods, natural places and waterways, Joseph discovers that joie du vivre is not just a French phrase; it's a way of life in Montreal. And summer is the time for celebrating. From music and dance to fireworks and circus acts, festivals abound! In addition, to the official celebrations every one of the scores of cultural neighborhoods throws a party! Extraordinary markets, majestic cathedrals, trendy cafes, the Latin quarter, a 70's era drum circle, activities on the St. Lawrence and warm fun-loving people all add up to a joyful time in Montreal.

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1/19/2017 5 p.m. Ready/World
1/22/2017 10 a.m. Ready/World

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