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Episode of Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope

The Bonin/Ogasawara Islands - A Land Far, Far Away

Season 7, Episode 8 of 13
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On the Bonin or Ogasawara Islands Joseph is reminded that travel is a treasure hunt. Even though one is told where the riches are buried, the real gems have to be discovered on their own. On this voyage to Tokyo's most distant possessions - more than 600 miles and 25 hours by ferry from the mainland - Joseph partakes of kayaking, snorkeling, trekking and whale watching. Yet, in spite of all the activities, he discovers that interactions with the islanders and what one learns by exploring their heritage are the most cherished souvenirs. His personal discoveries among the islanders, whose roots lie in an American past, open up a world still shrouded in mystery and little-known to the casual day tripper.

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2/2/2017 5 p.m. Ready/World
2/5/2017 10 a.m. Ready/World

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