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Episode of Maya & Miguel

La Calavera

Season 1, Episode 9 of 65
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When Maya wants to add some oomph to her presentation about Mexico for school, she consults her Abuela Elena, who allows her to borrow a prized possession: a calavera, or skull made of sugar, that is used in the yearly Day of the Dead celebration. Maya promises to let nothing happen to this special calavera. Her presentation goes well, but Maya loses the calavera! After Theo, Maggie, Chrissy and Andy each share their fantastical ideas about how the lost calavera will make Abuela feel, Maya herself feels horrible. She promised her abuela that she wouldn't let anything happen to it! Then, as luck would have it, Maya discovers that she accidentally switched backpacks with another student, and the calavera is recovered. An excited Maya can't contain herself, and while jumping up and down, breaks the calavera! Maya is determined not to let her abuela down, and goes to great lengths to have the calavera re-made. Unfortunately, this, too, is a disaster. When Abuela is finally told the truth, Maya is surprised - Abuela is happy! Not about the calavera, but about Maya's good grade on her presentation. And though Abuela misses the calavera, she thinks that rebuilding it together would make her even happier.

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