Bob the Builder

Muck's Dairy Chaos

Season 5, Episode 3 of 6

Bob and the team are building the first part of Meg MacDonald's dairy - the milking shed. When Meg's nephew Piper disappears to practice his bagpipes, Meg needs someone to look after her cows. Muck volunteers and turns down all offers of help, convinced that she can manage alone. While her back is turned, however, the cows vanish and start causing chaos across the valley. Will Muck be able to herd the cows in time? Will the Dairy ever get built? Can teamwork really save the day? Rupert Reekie, a glass artist, has moved to Sunflower Valley with his cat Sprat. Bob and the team are building him an amazing studio. Meanwhile, Roley is mystified as to why Pilchard isn't being as friendly as normal. Every time Roley approaches, Pilchard runs away. Clumsy Roley tries to be more 'catlike' but accidentally crushes some glass. Roley is distraught, thinking that it's some of Rupert's art, until he discovers that the glass he crushed was old glass for recycling and that it's just right for Rupert to make a new stained glass window in his studio.

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