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Episode of Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!


Season 2, Episode 8 of 20
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Babies - Sally is looking after some baby hamsters, but how can she and Nick hold them right? Well, different animals hold their babies different ways. A trip to Ozzie-Wozz Outback will help them, Cat has some friends who know all about carrying babies! First up is Wilma the spider, who carries all her babies on her back. Then it's off to see Dilly the crocodile, she carries her babies in her mouth! And the last stop, Coco the Koala who uses a pouch to carry her little one. But how does that help Nick and Sally? Well all the babies were happiest with their moms, so they'll just leave them all together. Fast - It's a race to the treehouse, but Nick and Sally wish they could go as fast as an airplane! How about a peregrine? asks The Cat. What's that? The fastest creature in the world! His friend Perry the Peregrine Falcon will show them how fast he can be. Off to Steep-and-Deep Cliffs to meet him! Using Cat's special backpacks, the kids have wings like Perry's so they can fly through the air too. Perry shows them how he dives straight down to catch his food. Who wants to be as fast as an airplane, when you can be a peregrine falcon!

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4/15/2013 2:30 p.m. PBS Kids
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