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Episode of Maya & Miguel

Real Twins

Season 1, Episode 38 of 65
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When a TV commercial announces that a new reality show about twins is looking for entrants, Maya thinks that she and Miguel should send an audition video. Miguel points out that he and Maya are not identical twins, which is what is usually shown on TV, but Maya says the name of the show is "Real Twins"...and she and Miguel are real! Maya and Miguel film a video highlighting all of their talents, hoping this will separate them from the crowd. The director of the show appears, telling Maya and Miguel that they are finalists for the show! Maya and Miguel are thrilled... until they see the audition tape of the other finalists: Barry and Gary, two identical twins at their school who are eerily alike, even for twins. Maya is convinced that she and Miguel need to be more alike to get on the show. With their friends' help, they re-decorate their rooms to be exactly alike and begin wearing similar clothes. When the director follows them to school, where they are most different, Maya and Miguel must continue the charade, trying to finish each other's sentences and engaging in activities they don't actually enjoy. In the end, the entire act unravels, and Maya and Miguel are revealed to be very un-alike twins. The director admits that Maya and Miguel's many talents in the audition tape were what attracted the director in the first place. Unfortunately, while trying to be exactly alike, they never demonstrated any of their talents. Maya and Miguel learn to be themselves and treasure their unique talents.

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