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Episode of Martha Speaks

Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat/Grandpa Bernie Cleans

Season 6, Episode 3 of 8
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Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat: No cat is stronger than a Bookbot... unless the Bookbots are out of shape! And with little crime to fight, our heroes have become just that. Will they be able to get fit in time to stop a new literacy-loathing villain on the rise? Vocabulary: (E) fitness, in shape, lazy, sluggish, strength. Grandpa Bernie Cleans Up: When the dogs join Helen and T.D. to clean Grandpa Bernie's garage, they meet Candy, an elderly dog who claims she was bit by a ball from outer space! As Bernie's trash becomes T.D. 's treasure, Martha and Skits dig through Candy's yard for the truth behind the fanged space ball. Vocabulary: (E) achey, elderly, mobility, vigor, youthful.

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