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Episode of Maya & Miguel

The Big Idea

Season 1, Episode 64 of 65
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Miguel's soccer team has made it to the championships, and he's nervous. Maya has a great idea to quell his nerves: intensive training the morning of the game. Miguel is skeptical of Maya's idea, worried that he might be late to catch the bus to the game, but Maya assures him she will keep him on schedule. Unfortunately, she fails; Miguel misses the bus. He fumes and blames Maya and her "big ideas", which always cause grief. Maya defends her big ideas, while also promising Miguel to get him to the game on time. Maya and Miguel go on a transportation-hopping adventure as they take trains, trucks, buses and finally a horse and carriage, in a desperate effort to get Miguel to the game on time. Through it all Maya asserts that the reason her ideas work is that she believes in the person she's trying to help. In the end they make it to the game, Miguel helps his team win the Championship, and finally admits that Maya's ideas are big and beautiful.

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2/17/2009 2 p.m. PBS Kids
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