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Episode of Martha Speaks

Thou Callest Me A Dog/Martha's Paper Chase

Season 6, Episode 4 of 8
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Thou Callest Me a Dog: A dog speaking Shakespeare? 'Tis a consumation devoutly to be wished and achieved when Martha swallows Hamlet. Never was a dog's desire for meat so artfully expressed. Vocabulary: (E) dialogue, director, monologue, producer, soliloquy. Martha's Paper Chase: It's the Town Crier deadline and Carolina needs a headline. Hot on the trail for a story, and a biscuit, Senior Canine Reporter Martha stumbles into a scoop that screams front page: the whereabouts of Big Minnie. But is exposing Minnie's privacy worth the story? Vocabulary: (E) confirm, feature, integrity, topic, verify.

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6/16/2014 6 p.m. PBS Kids
6/17/2014 2:30 a.m. PBS Kids
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